NSF-IWBWs Schedule


Facilitator Registration (single point of contact for institution)

Please READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY and make sure that you have read the Preliminary Guidelines located on the Facilitators webpage. Registration is only open to institutions that provide facilitators who agree to organize and coordinate a local group of faculty members who are participating in the IWBWs. Individual participants should not register at this time. Registration for all sessions will be limited to 100 sites and they will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You may register for multiple workshops at one time, but we ask that you only register for one session of each of the five IWBWs. Also, registration for a given session will be closed three days prior to the date of the session. A confirmation page should appear after you have completed registration. If the confirmation page does not appear, or have any questions please email ygeorge@aaas.org. Two to three days in advance of each of the IWBWs for which you are registered, you will receive an email directing you to a link at which you will be asked to submit your name and email address. Once this information is submitted, you will immediately receive a set of logon instructions. Any questions concerning logon instructions and guidance materials can be directed to Roger Seals ceseal@lsu.edu or 225-335-5327.
  • Workshop Choices

    (May register for more than one workshop but please do not select multiple offerings of any of the six IWBWs.)
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