Project on Science, Technology and Disability

Entry Point Partners to Source STEM Interns

Entry Point has been helping companies, federal agencies, and university research centers to recruit talented science and engineering students with disabilities since 1996.

Entry Point recruits and screens undergraduate and graduate student internship candidates. We really know our students.  We know their strengths, skills, and aspirations; we strive to make sure they have the maturity level to succeed in your workplace.

The Entry Point vetting process is exhaustive. We provide you with a portfolio for each prospective intern.  Since we know the students and have already had conversations about disclosure, relocation, and accommodations, you will only receive candidates that fit your needs.  We work with your team to help candidates navigate your application and interview process.

The results are students, matched to your specific needs, who are skilled, driven and ready to succeed in your internship program.

What Sets Entry Point Apart?

  • Our campus connections  know and trust us to work with their students with disabilities
  • Our organization, AAAS, has a strong, positive reputation in the scientific and engineering community
  • We work within your existing internship program, students use your application and placement process
  • We develop relationships with our students that continue beyond their studies and well into their careers
  • Our recommendations are based on skill, communication and motivation.
  • Our  graduating students are ready to join your company as a full time employee

What Does Entry Point Offer its Partners?

  • Candidates prepared and ready to interview
  • Candidates ready to join your program
  • Candidates who meet your GPA requirements and skill needs
  • Global recognition for your company and its commitment to hire scientists and engineers with disabilities
  • A team of experienced talent recruiters and advisors
  • Candidates who are unique problem solvers
  • Candidates from colleges and universities throughout the country
  • Candidates who are diverse in gender, race and ethnicity

What Does Entry Point! Ask of its Partners?

  • Competitive, challenging, paid internship experiences
  • Mentor for the interns (skill-based, not disability based)
  • Accommodation as required
  • A site coordinator to work with Entry Point! team


For More Information about Entry Point:

Richard Weibl
Project on Science, Technology, and Disability
1200 New York Avenue NW
Washington DC 20005


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